Intro to Melted Lime!

So I thought I’d start the whole blog off with a little intro about why I am starting this up and what it’s about.

My name is Steve (Monkixx), I co-own Route 1 Audio. I work in a high school and help with technical issues/Teaching assistant in Media and Music classes. We use Logic Pro 9 in Music and Adobe CS6 in media. As I use both of these a lot, I thought I would combine them both to create a blog/YouTube channel. I make a few tutorial videos for the students at school and it seems to be an easy and convenient way to learn if I am not about to Personally show them. I found a lot of the time it was the small little things within the pieces of software that would slow down the creative process. Not knowing where certain functions are, little troubleshooting problems, how to set up interfaces etc… I decided to piece together a little book of troubleshooting problems. I scrapped that idea after a few days of typing and then started doing small videos. Since then I have dabbled with the idea of putting together this blog along with the tutorials and some live streams and performances. I have now started to piece it together. It was always going to be difficult to get it started with Route 1 Audio running alongside it, but now I feel I can devote enough time to both projects. I really hope you like the tutorials and other videos. Take the videos how you must, they are simple little tricks and tips that I have picked up along the way and might not be 100% the quickest way to do them, but they’re my way of doing them. I hope it somehow pushes the creative workflow for you. I am in the process of recording a nice chunk of videos for you, so be patient for a couple more weeks and then I will be posting regular thoughts and videos.

Thanks again and hope you enjoy!

Melted Lime // MONKIXX!!
(P.S. If you have any questions or video thoughts, please send me an email at

Meltedlime [at]