Quick small tutorial on the location of the sidechain within logics inbuilt plugins. (Nb: This isn’t a full Sidechain tutorial. Just the location of it. Full sidechain tutorial coming soon)  http://youtu.be/tf3Oc7ovUf0?a Advertisements

#001 Tutorial – Logic 9 Environment! 

Our first tutorial features logic 9’s environment. We go through how to create a chord memoriser and an arpeggiator. The video lasts 11minutes. http://youtu.be/6wMkz-sstpM

Melted Limes Monthly Playlist!

We are going to put together a playlist every month of some tracks we have been listening to a lot over there last month, new or old! We are kicking off the first… Continue reading

Melted Lime Mini Sample Packs!!

We we are going to be posting a series of mini Sample packs. We are putting these up for free on bandcamp (with a pay what ever you want option) but that’s for… Continue reading

#002 #EWYKH – How to open Logic Pro 9 in either 32 or 64 bit mode

  Today our 2nd video in the “Easy when you know how” series went live and this one shows you how to open up Logic Pro 9 in either 32 bit or 64… Continue reading

#001 Jam Session – Novation Launchkey 25

Incase you missed our first little #Jam Session video go up!! Here it is again!! Go check it out. Especially for the Novation Launchkey heads!!  

Route 1 Audio // Hoxton FM #002

#EWYKH #001 – Fade in/out and speed up/slow down audio in Logic 9

   Go watch our first #EWYKH upload. Loads more coming so keep checking back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPSBotKFkz8&feature=youtu.be&a


If you missed it, we took to Chew to test a recording. We had Route 1 Audio regulars RNDM, Monkixx, Kiite and Francis Shaw in a room to do a Live, test recording… Continue reading

Sample Pack – #001 – Forest Percussion

Our first mini sample pack is out now on Bandcamp! 24 WAV samples, recorded on a Zoom H2 in the Forest. Tree hits, clicks and cracks. These are perfect percussion layers for Claps/Snares.… Continue reading